Delphine Callewaert focuses on people's strengths and individual powers, a key approach in her work. Delphine has run various training programmes, both at home and abroad, in recent years. Observations and consultations concerning a wide range of facilities are also part of her experience. During these observations she acquired a great deal of expertise in the target group focused on people with learning difficulties. Delphine has also accrued extensive experience in providing support to people with autism and has developed a natural ability within her own therapy practice. Irrespective of the setting, one question comes back time and again: a hankering and search for basic confort. Delphine herself manages to find this confort whilst travelling and making new discoveries, camera in hand.
Kobe Vanroy uses his practical experience as a teacher and student counsellor to try and help people develop. Including people with autism. A vision focused on solutions with an eye for passion and talent development, are the common thread throughout his courses, lectures and publications, In 2018 Kobe also wrote the publication that clearly highlights our methodology: “Autisme Centraal Approach”. He is also editor in chief of the magazine entitled “Sterk! in autisme” (Strong! in autism). Kobe maintains a realistic approach, using many practical examples set within a solid framework, occasionally interspersed with personal passions such as golf and history!
Steven Degrieck is passionate about sharing knowledge and making complex issues easily accessible. He has been giving lectures, workshops and guidance in the workplace for more than 20 years and he is the author of several books on autism. He has a special interest in sensory issues. He is also very happy when hiking or biking.

Veerle Vantorre is fascinated by the hidden logic of autism and even more so by how to convey this logic to others. It is a bit like learning a new language and is likewise opening new doors. Her style is based on a no-nonsense practical approach. Her training programmes are perfectly balanced with the practical guidance she offers in her practice. However, she also strives to devote sufficient time to her family and to enjoying the good things in life.