Autisme Centraal, who are we and what do we do

Autisme Centraal, founded in the year 2000, is a training and expertise center that provides specialized and customized training courses, lectures, webinars and workshops on autism (we use the word autism as synonym for autism spectrum disorder / condition). 

What makes us unique is the way we bridge the academic/scientific world and the practical world of everyone 
working in the field of autism. Autisme Centraal translates the latest scientific findings of autism research into 
very practical strategies. All our staff members have a talent in making things simple and useful, 
without denying the complexity of autism and all the issues involved.
On top of our widely appreciated courses, workshops and lectures, we also offer supervision and practical interventions 
within your setting. Because you are unique, the people with autism you work and/or live with are unique and 
your setting is unique, all our interventions ‘on site’ are personalized and based on your specific needs. 
Research has shown that this kind of training courses and interventions give much better results in the long term.
Autisme Centraal inspires, informs and helps you to become more knowledgeable about autism, 
mores skilled and – especially – more autism friendly.
We are located in Belgium, the Flemish part, but have been providing training in several countries: England, Scotland, 
Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, 
Estland, The United States