Did you ever fall asleep during a training? Did you ever get lost in all the theories? Or did you think Very interesting but hm…. What can I really do?

We certainly did! This is not our idea of a training. So if you want something different try one of our webinars! We will certainly keep you awake (unless you just finished the night shift, no guarantees there). We will explain it to you in a concrete way (after all that’s what people with autism need, so we are supposed to be good at it). And we will put you on track to apply in real life what  you have learned.

How to follow a webinar:

  1. Choose the webinar you want to see
  2. Click the green button to register
  3. First you have to pay.
  4. After paying you see a blue button with the message 'Register' at the bottom of the screen. Click this button.
  5. Now you have to register your name and e-mail. 
  6. You will recieve an e-mail with the link to the webinar and your pasword.(Don't forget to check your spam folder)
  7. When the webinar is about to start, use this link to go to the webinar
  8. Enjoy a inspiring webinar!