Autism and sensory problems

Many people with autism have sensory problems. They range from hyper reactivity to hypo reactivity. Being too sensitive or being not sensitive enough. These problems can play a role in one or all of our senses. In this webinar we examen all the senses we have (and believe us, there are more senses than you could even imagine) and how a sensory problem shows in behavior. This will help you recognizing the sensory problem. Then we will look into strategies, both for the hyper reactive and the hypo reactive. No complex theories here, no technical questionnaires but practical tips and strategies. For any given context.

This webinar is hosted by Steven Degrieck


Steven Degrieck is passionate about sharing knowledge and making complex issues easily accessible. He has been giving lectures, workshops and guidance in the workplace for more than 20 years and he is the author of several books on autism. He has a special interest in sensory issues. He is also very happy when hiking or biking.