Hes having a meltdown. What can I do?

When considering challenging behavior, the most important thing to start with is prevention. By either making the environment more autism friendly, or by teaching people with autism functional skills. But… we are only human. And sometimes we do things wrong. And we get confronted with severely challenging behavior. With physical aggression or menacing behavior. There is no time to think about prevention at that point. We must act! In this webinar we will look into several practical strategies you can use in these difficult moments. Things you shouldn’t do, as well as things you could do. For anyone involved with people with autism in any given situation

This webinar is hosted by Steven Degrieck

Date: 23 June 2020
Starting at: 8:00pm UCT+2
Duration: 1h30 including questions
Price: 30 euro

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Steven Degrieck is passionate about sharing knowledge and making complex issues easily accessible. He has been giving lectures, workshops and guidance in the workplace for more than 20 years and he is the author of several books on autism. He has a special interest in sensory issues. He is also very happy when hiking or biking.