The ABC circuit

Autism, Behaviour and Cognition: the ABC circuit

How can we better understand autism if we don’t perceive it ourselves first? What would it be like to get stuck because of an actual breakdown in communication? What would failure feel like due to the fact that too many stimuli are received at once? How frustrated would you feel if you were constantly banging your head against the wall because you can’t see the wood for the trees? You would end up with a bump on your forehead. Or a hole in the wall? Possibly... But look inside...?

Autisme Centraal would like to offer you the opportunity to discover this unique experience. Based on ten brief tasks this ABCircuit will introduce you to the sensory and cognitive world of autism. The Autisme, Behaviour and Cognition (ABC) Circuit is intended for anyone who would like to experience, and learn more about autism.

Let your senses deceive you, discover what is acceptable and what isn’t, experience for yourself what others only write about! Each task in this circuit aims to give you an autistic experience, always linked to a tip to promote autism friendliness.

You can purchase the ABC-Kit or organise the Autism, Behaviour and Cognition Circuit with support from one of our experienced tutors. Would you like more information about purchasing the kit or the organisation of a workshop?

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