Our courses

Autisme Centraal offers lectures, workshops, webinars on many different topics, such as:
  • The ‘Autisme Centraal Approach’: creating an autism friendly environment
  • Autistic thinking and the autistic brain
  • Challenging behaviors
  • How to use concrete communication with people with autism
  • Psycho-education:  the ‘I am Special’ program
  • Mental health issues in autism and psychological support
  • Social competence in autism
  • Visual support tools
  • Sensory issues
  • Positive psychology strategies in autism
  • Autism in the classroom (incl. higher education)
  • Autism, stress and stress management (incl. relaxation)
  • Autism and severe intellectual disability
Each of these topics can be personalized for your specific demand (duration, location, population…)
On request, we can also offer practical trainings with  hands on work with children and/or adults with autism, on different topics such as:
  • visual support and concrete communication
  • classroom organization
  • leisure skills
We can also set up a long term collaboration, involving practical audits and supervision within your school, group home, etc.
If you want more information on one or more of these offers, please do contact us by using this link and send us a mail